Coffee breaks are served by Reval Cafe Telliskivi. Please find standard coffee break list from here. 

Please pre-order coffee breaks a week before
your event by writing your wishes to . 

Lunch is possible at the many restaurants and cafes in the Creative City
  • Reval Cafe Telliskivi – quick and good food. situated on the 1st floor of our building you can easily access is it without going outside. Our clients get -10% off the a la carte menu if you pre-order the luch for the whole group. Make your reservation by writing to
  • Lendav Taldrik  - Good authentic Asian dishes, in a Soviet-era industrial building that has become a modern restaurant in town.
  • Foody Allen - Foody Allen is Estonia’s first street food restaurant and, as its name suggests, it is open to various culinary experiments involving theatre, music and cinema.
  • Frenchy - dedicated to French food and wine culture.  Enjoy a real taste of France in the heart of Tallinn!
  • Kivi Paber Käärid - 100% gluten-free cuisine represents a simple, but fresh approach to healthy eating and sheer enjoyment in the special milieu of the Telliskivi Creative City.